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General-Use Checklists and Forms for Juvenile Court Actions

Overview of North Dakota Juvenile Court

North Dakota Juvenile Court is a division of North Dakota State District Court.

The child who is the focus of the juvenile court action must be either 1) unmarried and under the age of 18; or 2) under the age of 20 and committed the delinquent act while under the age of 18.

Only certain types of actions can be brought to Juvenile Court.

Delinquency: A delinquent child is a child who has committed an act that is considered a crime and is in need of treatment or rehabilitation.

Unruly: An unruly child is a child who has committed an offense that only applies to a child, such as truancy, consuming or possessing alcohol, disobedience of parental commands, or using tobacco, and is in need of treatment or rehabilitation.

Deprivation: A deprived child is a child who is “without proper parental care or control necessary for the child’s physical, mental or emotional health, or morals, and the deprivation is not due primarily to the lack of financial means of the child’s parents, guardian or other custodian.”

Termination of Parental Rights: An order terminating parental rights of a parent terminates all the parent's rights and obligations with respect to the child and of the child to or through the parent arising from the parental relationship.

Checklists and General Use Forms

Forms are not available for every legal issue or circumstance.  If you do not find the form on this website, the form is not available through the North Dakota Legal Self Help Center.

You may need to create legal documents yourself.  The General-Use forms below may be used as a starting point for creating your own legal documents.

Selected Statutes (Laws) & Rules

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