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Proposed Amendments to N.D.R.Ct., N.D.R.App.P. and N.D.Sup.Ct.Admin.R.

Docket No. 20090208
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Proposed Amendments to Rules 3.4 and 8.2,
North Dakota Rules of Court,
Rules 28 and 32, North Dakota Rules of
Appellate Procedure, and Rule 41,
North Dakota Supreme Court
Administrative Rules
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Seq. # Filing Date Description Attachment
1 07/14/2009 PETITION FILED by Joint Procedure Committee View
2 07/14/2009 Comment from Jack McDonald on behalf of the North Dakota Newspaper Association dated June 19, 2009 View
3 07/15/2009 Notice of Comment mailed to Commonswealth Publisher, Surrogate Judges Hodny, Holte, Riskedahl View
4 07/15/2009 Notice of Comment emailed to Rules-Others; Dist. Judges & Clerks; Supreme Court Justices
5 07/15/2009 Also e-mailed to Jack McDonald and Joint Procedure Committee members
6 07/16/2009 E-mailed comments from Ginger Dangerud dated 7-16-09 View
7 07/31/2009 E-mailed comments from Rodney Olson, Tr. Ct. Admn. and Chris Iverson, Tr. Ct. Mgr. View
8 08/04/2009 E-mailed comments from the Clerk of Courts Association Executive Board dated 8/4/09. View
9 08/05/2009 E-mailed comments from Anita Ibach dated 7-30-09 (sent from Linda Splichal) View
10 08/05/2009 Emailed additional comments from Ginger Dangerud (sent from Linda Splichal) View
11 08/05/2009 E-Mailed comments from Deb Simenson dated 7-30-09 (Sent from Linda Splichal) View
12 08/05/2009 E-Mailed Comments from Andi Schimke dated 8-5-09 View
13 08/05/2009 E-mailed comments from Karin Boom dated 8-5-09 View
14 08/05/2009 E-mailed comments from McDonald for ND Newspaper Assoc. dated 8/5/09. View
15 08/05/2009 Comments from Donna Wunderlich & Ross Munns dated 8-5-09 View
16 08/05/2009 E-mailed comments from Hulthen dated 8/5/09. View
17 08/12/2009 In light of the comments, the Court referred the matter to the Joint Procedure Committee
18 10/07/2009 PETITION FILED by Joint Procedure Committee for amendments on an expedited basis View
19 10/19/2009 Email from Bill Butcher with attached letter regarding SSN's and private investigators View
20 10/27/2009 PETITION FILED by Sally Holewa, State Court Administrator, regarding N.D. Sup. Ct. Admin. R. 41 View
21 12/01/2009 11/29/2009 Comments from Wm. Butcher on behalf of N.D. Private Investigation & Security Bd. View
22 12/02/2009 DISPOSITION View
23 12/02/2009 ACTION BY SUPREME COURT - Granted
24 12/16/2009 Order e-mailed to Rules, Rules-Others, others providing comments on the amendments, and
25 12/16/2009 Joint Procedure Committee
26 12/16/2009 Order mailed to Commonwealth Publishers and surrogate judge
27 07/23/2015 EXPUNGED - Nonpermanent record items destroyed