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Disciplinary Board v. Balerud

Docket No. 20040113
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In the Matter of the Application for
Disciplinary Action Against Lee J.
Balerud, a Member of the Bar of
the State of North Dakota

Disciplinary Board of the Supreme
Court of North Dakota, Petitioner
Lee J. Balerud, Respondent
Case Type
Appeal From
Case No.
2004 ND 99679 N.W.2d 768


Lawyer placed on disability inactive status until further order of the Court.


Filing Date Description


Party Type Name
RESPONDENT PRO SE Lee J Balerud - 04059

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Seq. # Filing Date Description Attachment
1 04/26/2004 Application for Interim Suspension - RspDue : 05/05/2004
2 05/04/2004 Letter dated May 3, 2004, from Judge Gary Holum
3 05/04/2004 Letter from Paul Temanson
4 05/05/2004 Faxed copy of Response to Application from Sheldon Smith
5 05/05/2004 Response to Application Filed
6 05/07/2004 DISPOSITION
7 05/07/2004 UNANIMOUS OPINION : Per Curiam View
8 05/07/2004 Lee J. Balerud is placed on disability inactive status until further order
9 05/07/2004 All disciplinary proceedings against Balerud are stayed for 60 days pending receipt of an
10 05/07/2004 evaluation from a licensed psychiatrist as to whether Balerud can assist in his defense, and if
11 05/07/2004 if the psychiatrist does find Balerud able to assist in his defense, the evaluation shall also
12 05/07/2004 also address BAlerud's mental fitness to practice law. If no timely report is received,
13 05/07/2004 disciplinary proceedings will proceed.
14 05/07/2004 Disciplinary Counsel promptly apply to the district court for a professional trustee under Rule 6.4
15 05/07/2004 Balerud must give notice of the Court's action to his clients under Rule 6.3
16 05/07/2004 Order Mailed to Parties, Members-Disciplinary Board, Inquiry Committee West
17 05/14/2004 Copy of Order of Appointment of Prof. Trustee Under Rule 6.4, N.D.R.Lawyer Discipl. - appoint. of
18 05/14/2004 Paul A. Temanson is appointed professional trustee
19 05/19/2004 Affidavit of Publication - Minot Daily News
20 06/01/2004 Letter dated May 28 from Paul Temanson with attach. letter giving notification to Balerud's clients
21 06/04/2004 Affidavit in Compliance with N.D.R. Lawyer Discipl. 6.3
22 07/06/2004 MOTION FOR Extension of Time to Submit Psychiatrist's Report
23 07/07/2004 ACTION BY SUPREME COURT (Mot/to submit report) - Granted : 08/06/2004
24 07/12/2004 Original of Ltr dated July 6, 2004 from Dr. L. Mark Bell to Sheldon Smith
25 08/05/2004 Report from licensed professional pursuant to the Court's order (Confidential)
26 08/06/2004 Application of Lee J. Balerud for Placement on Probationary Period to Continue Practicing Law While
27 08/06/2004 Under Supervision in Lieu of Suspension; Aff. of Paul A. Temanson; Aff. of Lee Balerud
28 08/11/2004 Response/clarification from licensed professional (CONFIDENTIAL)
29 08/11/2004 ACTION BY SUPREME COURT (Request for Probation in lieu of suspension) - Denied
30 08/18/2004 Court lifted stay to allow disciplinary matters to proceed; license status unchanged
31 08/18/2004 Order Mailed to Parties, Counsel, Ronald F. Fischer
32 06/20/2011 EXPUNGED - Nonpermanent record items destroyed