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Stevenson v. Stevenson, et al.

Docket No. 20050104
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Mario Fontonez Stevenson, Plaintiff and Appellant
Kimberly Jo Stevenson,
Mark E. Kleingartner, Cass
County Department of
Human Services, City
of Fargo, Defendants & Appellees
Case Type
Appeal From
Case No. 05-C-00315
Southwest Judicial District, Adams County
Steven L. Marquart



Filing Date Description


Party Type Name
APPELLEE CITY ATTORNEY Garylle B Stewart - 02869
APPELLEE STATE'S ATTORNEY Birch Peterson Burdick - 05026

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Seq. # Filing Date Description Attachment
1 03/28/2005 NOTICE OF APPEAL : 03/15/2005
2 04/05/2005 Copy of Judge Marquart's Order Granting Waiver of Filing Fees dated 2-09-05 (faxed)
3 04/05/2005 Petition In Forma Pauperis to Waive Filing Fee
4 04/05/2005 NO ACTION TAKEN (see trial court's order dated 2-09-05)
5 04/13/2005 Referred by Clerk's Office--Appealability
6 04/13/2005 DISPOSITION
7 04/13/2005 ACTION BY SUPREME COURT - Granted
8 04/13/2005 Order of Dismissal Mailed to Parties
9 04/13/2005 MANDATE
10 11/01/2012 EXPUNGED - Nonpermanent record items destroyed