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Allen, et al. v. 999 Quebec, Inc., et al.

Docket No. 20070194
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Charles Allen, Robert C. Anderson, Forrest Austin, Les Beastrom, Edgar H. Cadwell, James K. Deitz, Gary Grossman, Gerald Gulbranson, Leroy J. Heilman, Morton Johnson, William G. Lemke, Felix P. Meyers, Sr., William Miller, Herman K. Munsch, Clarence Schaefbauer, John Sehr, Robert W. Ulshafer, Joseph M. Vicknair, Joseph Wetch, Robert Wetzel, Anthony Whitaker, and Liborio Zefiretto, Plaintiffs,
Joseph M. Vicknair, Anthony Whitaker, Theresa
Zefiretto, spouse, and as personal representative
of the Estate of Liborio Zefiretto, Deceased,
and Edgar H. Cadwell, Plaintiffs and Appellants
999 Quebec, Inc. , a Delaware corporation; ACandS, Inc., a Delaware corporation ; A. H. Bennett Company, a Minnesota corporation; A. L. Crump and Company, Inc., an Illinois company; A. P. I., Inc. , a Minnesota corporation; A. W. Chesterton Company, a Massachusetts corporation and Fuel Economy Engineering
Co.; Defendants and Appellees
A.W. Kuettel & Sons, Inc., a Minnesota corporation; Airco, Inc., a Delaware corporation; American Standard, Inc., a Delaware corporation; Anchor Packing Company, a Delaware corporation; Apollo Piping & Supply, an Illinois corporation; Asbestos Corporation, Ltd., a Canadian corporation; Atlas Turner, Inc., a Canadian corporation; Australian Blue Asbestos, Pty, an Australian corporation; Bell & Gossett, a foreign corporation; Bell Asbestos Mines, Ltd., a Canadian corporation; Border States Industries, Inc., a Texas Corporation; Bryan Steam Corporation, an Indiana corporation; Building Sprinkler Company, Inc., a North Dakota corporation; Burnham Corporation, a Pennsylvania corporation; CBS Corporation , a Pennsylvania corporation; Certain-Teed Corporation, a Maryland Corporation; Chromalox , a Missouri corporation; Cleaver-Brooks, Division of Aqua-Chem, Inc., a Delaware corporation; Columbia Boiler Company, a Pennsylvania corporation; Combustion Engineering, Inc., a Delaware corporation ; Crane Company, a Delaware corporation; Crown Cork & Seal Company, Inc., a New York corporation ; CSR, Ltd. , an Australian corporation, individually and as an alter-ego of Australian Blue Asbestos, Pty; Dakota Welding Supply, a foreign corporation; Deltak, L.L.C., a Unit of Jason, Inc., a Minnesota corporation; Detroit Stoker, a Michigan corporation; Dossert Corp., a New York corporation; Draxton Sales, a Minnesota corporation; Dresser Industries, Inc., a Delaware corporation: Durabla Manufacturing Company, a Pennsylvania corporation; E. J. Lavino and Company, Inc., a Delaware corporation; Electric Supply Corp., an Illinois corporation; Emerson Electric Co., a Missouri corporation; Ericsson, Inc. , a Delaware corporation ; Excelsior, Inc., an Illinois corporation; Essex Group, Inc., a Michigan corporation ; F. R. P. Products, Ltd., a foreign corporation; F & C Supply, Inc., a North Dakota corporation; Fargo-Moorhead Insulation Company, a North Dakota corporation; Firebrick Supply Co., a Minnesota corporation; Fisher Governor Co., an Iowa corporation; Flintkote Company, a Delaware corporation ; Flintkote Mines Ltd., a foreign corporation; Foseco, Inc., a Delaware corporation; Foster Products Corporation, a Minnesota corporation ; Foster Wheeler Corporation, a New York corporation; Frommelt Safety Products, a Wisconsin corporation; Fuel Economy Engineering Co., a Minnesota corporation; Garlock, Inc., an Ohio corporation; General Electric Company, a foreign business corporation organized under the laws of New York; George T. Walker & Co., Inc., a foreign corporation; Georgia-Pacific Corp, a Georgia corporation; Graybar Electric, a New York corporation; Greene, Tweed & Company, a Pennsylvania corporation; H. B. Fuller Company, a Minnesota corporation; H. H. Robertson Company, a Pennsylvania corporation: Henry Vogt Machine Company, a Kentucky corporation; Hercules Chemical Company, Inc., a New Jersey corporation; Hickory Insulation Co., a foreign corporation; Hobart Brothers Co., an Ohio corporation; Honeywell, Inc., a Delaware corporation; Hopeman Brothers, Inc., a foreign corporation; Houston Specialty Wire & Cable Co., a Delaware corporation; Illinois Insulation Contracting Company, Inc. , an Illinois corporation; Inductotherm Industries, Inc., a New Jersey corporation; Ingersoll-Rand Company, a New Jersey corporation; Insulation Services, Inc., a Louisiana corporation; International Vermiculite Co., an Illinois corporation; J. H. France Refractories Company, a Pennsylvania corporation; The Jamar Company, a Minnesota corporation ; Jerguson Gage & Valve, a foreign corporation; John Crane, Inc., a Delaware corporation ; Johnston Boiler Co., a Michigan corporation; Kelsey-Hayes Group , a Delaware corporation; Kewanee Boiler Corporation , an Illinois corporation; Lac d' Amiante du Quebec, Ltee. , a Canadian corporation; Lincoln Electric Co., an Ohio corporation; Lochinvar, a Tennessee corporation; M. W. Kellogg Company, a Delaware corporation; MacArthur Company, a Minnesota corporation; Mandan Electric Supply, a foreign corporation; Marmon Corporation, a Delaware corporation; McMaster Carr Supply Company, an Illinois corporation; McNeil Refractories, Inc., a Pennsylvania corporation; Mellema Company, a Minnesota corporation; Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, a foreign corporation; Mine Safety Appliance Company, a Pennsylvania corporation; Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing, a Delaware corporation; Northern Plumbing Supply, Inc., a North Dakota corporation; The Okonite Company, Inc., a New Jersey corporation; Owens-Illinois, Inc., an Ohio corporation; Parker Boiler Co, a California corporation; Paul A. Douden, an Colorado corporation; Pfizer, Inc., a Delaware corporation; Phelps Dodge Industries, Inc., a New York corporation; Pipe, Valve & Fittings Company, a Colorado corporation; Power Process Equipment, Inc., a Minnesota corporation; Praxair Distribution, Inc., a foreign corporation; Quigley Co., Inc., a New York corporation; Quin-T Corporation, a Delaware corporation; Rapid-American Corporation, a Delaware corporation; Research Cottrell, Inc., a New Jersey corporation; Rhone-Poulenc, Inc., a New York corporation ; Riley Stoker Corporation, a foreign business corporation organized under the laws of Mississippi; Rockbestos-Surprenant Cable Corp. , a Delaware corporation ; Rockwell international Corporation, a Nevada corporation; Rome Cable Corp., a Delaware corporation ; Roughrider Supply, a foreign corporation; Ryall Electric Supply Co., a Colorado corporation; S. O. S. Products Company, Inc., a New York corporation; Samuel Moore & Co., a California corporation; SEPCO Corporation, an Alabama corporation; Smith-Sharpe Company, a Minnesota corporation; Sprinkman Sons Corporation, an Illinois corporation; Stemmerich Supply Co., a Missouri corporation; Superior Boiler Works, Inc., a Kansas corporation; Sussman Electric Boilers, a New York corporation; Thermo Electric Co., a New Jersey corporation; The Trane Co., a New York corporation, ; U.S. Filter Co., a foreign corporation; Union Boiler Co., a Delaware corporation; Union Carbide Corporation, a Delaware corporation; Uniroyal, Inc., a New Jersey corporation; United Conveyor Corporation, an Illinois corporation; Victor H. Leeby Company, a North Dakota corporation; Walker Jamar Company, a Minnesota corporation; Weil McLain Company, a Delaware corporation; Zurn Industries, Inc.,a Pennsylvania corporation, Defendants.
A. H. Bennett Company; A.W. Kuettel & Sons, Inc.; Border States Industries, Inc.; Columbia Boiler Company; DuctSox Corporation f/k/a Frommelt Safety Products, Inc.; Dossert Corporation; Excelsior, Inc.; Foster Wheeler L.L.C.; Greene, Tweed, & Company; Robertson Ceco Corporation, f/k/a H.H. Robertson Company; Houston Wire & Cable Company; Rockbestos-Suprenant Cable Corporation; Riley Stoker Corporation; Sprinkmann Sons Corporation of Illinois; Weil-McLain Company; and Zurn Industries, Defendants, Appellees
and Cross-Appellants
Case Type
Appeal From
Case No. 02-C-01680
South Central Judicial District, Morton County
Robert O. Wefald



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Party Type Name
APPELLEE PRIVATE PRACTICE Kyle Brown Mansfield - 04723

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Seq. # Filing Date Description Attachment
1 06/29/2007 NOTICE OF APPEAL : 06/27/2007
2 06/29/2007 Notice of Appeal filed on behalf of Edgar H. Cadwell on June 27, 2007
3 06/29/2007 This case is consolidated with 20070195; make all entries except DIS and MAN in this case
4 07/11/2007 NOTICE OF CROSS APPEAL (filed in trial court on 7-9-07)
5 07/16/2007 ORDER FOR TRANSCRIPT - Appellee : 07/13/2007
6 07/16/2007 Reset briefing schedule, as OTR filed by AE does not affect date ATB due
7 07/16/2007 Reset due date for ATB - Sua Sponte - date ATB due not affected by OTR filed by AE - Granted : 08/06/2007
8 07/18/2007 NOTICE OF CROSS APPEAL (filed in trial court 7-16-07)
9 07/31/2007 MOT. EXT/TIME APPELLANT BRIEF & Affidavit/Support (e-filed)
10 07/31/2007 E-FILED MOTION (MAT) (E-Mailed)
11 07/31/2007 ACTION BY CLERK (MAT) - Granted : 09/05/2007
12 07/31/2007 ANNOUNCED DISQUALIFICATION : Kapsner, Carol Ronning
13 07/31/2007 ANNOUNCED DISQUALIFICATION : Crothers, Daniel John
14 07/31/2007 RECORD ON APPEAL (55 Vols.) including 1 separate transcript. Not sent were Nos. 707 (Substitution
15 07/31/2007 of counsel/consent) and 743 (Defendant Kelsey-Hayes Notice of Motion for Summary Judgment). There
16 07/31/2007 is no Vol. 15 - it was skipped when the volumes were numbered by the trial court.
17 08/01/2007 Fax rec'd 8/1/07 from Jon P. Parrington indicating he has no objections to MAT
18 08/02/2007 TRANSCRIPTS DATED JUNE 27, 2005 & SEPTEMBER 11, 2006
19 08/02/2007 DISK-tra (June 27, 2005 & September 11, 2006)
22 08/03/2007 ACTION BY DEPUTY CLERK (Mot/Withdraw/Cross-Appeal/Fuel Economy Engineering Co.) - Granted
23 08/03/2007 Order Withdrawing Cross-Appeal of Fuel Economy Engineering Co. Mailed to Parties
24 08/07/2007 ANNOUNCED DISQUALIFICATION : Maring, Mary Muehlen
25 08/20/2007 Updated Affidavit of Robert E. Diehl under N. D. Admission Practice R. 3
26 08/20/2007 Updated Affidavit of Heather H. Neubauer under N.D. Admission Practice R. 3
27 08/17/2007 Letter dated August 17, 2007, to Appellant's Counsel regarding appealability - RspDue : 08/31/2007
28 08/22/2007 Response Filed by David C. Thompson (email dated 8/22/07 with attachments)
29 08/22/2007 Efiled Response of Mr. Thompson
30 08/29/2007 Email from Heather Neubauer dated 8/29/07 that Foley & Mansfield intends to reply to the Response
31 08/29/2007 Mr. Thompson's reply to Ms. Neubauer's email dated 8/29/07
32 08/31/2007 Foley & Mansfield's Reply to Mr. Thompson's response (letter dated 8/31/07)
33 08/31/2007 E-FILED Reply of Foley & Mansfield
34 09/04/2007 Mr. Thompson's reply to 8/29/07 Reply of Foley & Mansfield (letter dated 9/4/07)
35 09/04/2007 E-FILED Reply of Mr. Thompson to Foley & Mansfield
36 09/04/2007 MOT. EXT/TIME APPELLANT BRIEF with attachments
37 09/04/2007 E-FILED MOTION for Extension of Time
38 09/05/2007 ACTION BY CHIEF JUSTICE (30 days from consideration of appealability issue) - Granted
39 09/14/2007 Court requested clarification from the trial judge regarding finality of order under 54(b)
40 10/12/2007 Letter dated October 11, 2007, from the trial judge regarding finality
41 10/15/2007 Letter dated October 15, 2007, from Ms. Neubauer advising a motion is coming
42 10/16/2007 Letter dated October 16, 2007, from Mr. Thompson responding to trial judge and Neubauer letters
43 10/19/2007 Defendants-Appellees-Cross-Appellants A.H. Bennett, et. al.'s Motion Requesting Formal Briefing and
44 10/19/2007 Oral Argument on the Issue of Appealabiltiy
45 10/19/2007 E-FILED MOTION
46 10/22/2007 Response in Opposition to Motion
47 10/22/2007 E-FILED Response
48 10/24/2007 ACTION BY SUPREME COURT (Motion for briefing and oral argument on issue of appealability) - Denied
49 10/24/2007 ACTION BY SUPREME COURT (MCL) - Granted
50 10/24/2007 DISPOSITION
51 10/24/2007 MANDATE
52 10/24/2007 Order of Dismissal Mailed to Parties, trial court, clerk
54 04/25/2018 EXPUNGED - Nonpermanent record items destroyed