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Interest of S.H.

Docket No. 20120384
Oral Argument: Wednesday, November 21, 2012 4:00pm

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In the Interest of S.H., a child
Grand Forks County Social Service
Center, Petitioner and Appellee
S.H., a child,
C.H., mother,
T.G., father, and
Maggie Anderson,
Interim Executive Director,
North Dakota Department of
Human Services, Respondents
C.H., mother, Appellant
Case Type
Appeal From
Case No. 2012-JV-00097
Northeast Central Judicial District, Grand Forks County
Lawrence E. Jahnke
2012 ND 235823 N.W.2d 786



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Party Type Name
APPELLEE ASST. STATE'S ATTORNEY Jacqueline Ann Gaddie - 04962

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Seq. # Filing Date Description Attachment
1 10/16/2012 NOTICE OF APPEAL : 10/15/2012
2 10/16/2012 ORDER FOR TRANSCRIPT : 10/10/2012
3 10/16/2012 -------------CONFIDENTIAL--------------
4 10/16/2012 This case is consolidated w/20120382, 20120383 & 20120385, make all entries in 20120382 except
5 10/16/2012 ROA, DIS & MAN
6 10/26/2012 ELEC. RECORD ON APPEAL DATED October 25, 2012 (ENTRY NOS. 1 - 80)
7 11/06/2012 1st ELEC. SUPP. RECORD ON APPEAL DATED November 5, 2012 (ENTRY NOS. 81-85)
8 11/06/2012 2nd ELEC. SUPP. RECORD ON APPEAL DATED November 5, 2012 (ENTRY NOS. 86-87 )
9 11/07/2012 3rd ELEC. SUPP. RECORD ON APPEAL DATED November 6, 2012 (ENTRY NOS. 88-89)
10 11/19/2012 4th ELEC. SUPP. RECORD ON APPEAL DATED NOVEMBER 16, 2012 (ENTRY NOS.90-91)
11 11/27/2012 DISPOSITION
12 12/07/2012 5th ELEC. SUPP. RECORD ON APPEAL DATED December 6, 2012 (ENTRY NOS.92-94)
13 12/12/2012 6th ELEC. SUPP. RECORD ON APPEAL DATED December 11, 2012 (ENTRY NOS. 95 - 96)
14 01/04/2013 MANDATE
15 11/08/2021 EXPUNGED - Nonpermanent record items destroyed


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