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Hoffman v. 99 Quebec, Inc., et al.

Docket No. 20140242
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Dorothy Hoffman, Plaintiff and Appellee
999 Quebec, Inc. , a Delaware
Coporation; A.H. Bennett Company, a
Minnesota corporation; A.L. Crump
Company, Inc., an Illinois company;
A.O. Smith Corporation, a Delaware
corporation; A. W. Chesterton Company,
a Massachusetts corporation; A.W. Kuettel
& Sons, Inc., a Minnesota corporation;
Advocate Asbestos Mines, Ltd., a
Canadian corporation; Airco, Inc., a
Delaware corporation; American Biltrite,
Inc., a Delaware corporation; American
Standard, Inc., a Delaware corporation;
Anchor Packing Company, a Delaware
corporation; Apollo Piping & Supply, an
Illinois corporation; Asbestos Corporation,
Ltd., a Canadian corporation; Atlas Turner,
Inc., a Canadian corporation; Australian
Blue Asbestos, Pty, an Australian
corporation; Bayer CropScience, Inc.
, a Delaware corporation;
Calaveras Asbestos Mines, individually
and as a successor-in-interest to
California Asbestos Company, a
California corporation; California
Asbestos Company, a California
corporation; Carborundum Abrasives,
Inc., a Delaware corporation; Carlisle
Corporation, a Delware corporation;
Carol Cable Corporation, a division of
AVNET, Inc., a foreign corporation;
Certain-Teed Corporation, a Maryland
Corporation; Chevron U.S.A., Inc.,
a Pennsylvania corporation;
Chicago-Wilcox Manufacturing Company,
an Illinois corporation; Chromalox, Inc.
a Missouri corporation; Cleaver-Brooks,
Division of Aqua-Chem, Inc., a Delaware
corporation; Columbia Boiler Company, a
Pennsylvania corporation; Crane Company,
a Delaware corporation; Crane-Johnson
Company, a North Dakota corporation;
Crane Packing Company, Inc., a
Pennsylvania corporation ; CSR, Ltd. ,
an Australian corporation, individually
and as an alter-ego of Australian Blue
Asbestos, Pty; Dakota Welding Supply, a
foreign corporation; Dana Corporation,
a Virginia corporation; Deltak, L.L.C.,
a Unit of Jason, Inc., a Minnesota
corporation; Detroit Stoker, a Michigan
corporation; Domco Products Texas, L.P.,
f/k/a Azrok Industries, Inc., a Delaware
corporation; Dossert Corp., a New York
corporation; Draxton Sales, a Minnesota
corporation; Durabla Manufacturing
Company, a New York corporation; E.J.
Lavino and Company, Inc., a Delaware
corporation; Eaton Corporation,
, an Ohio
corporation; Egbert Corporation,
individually and as successor-in-interest
to S.K. Wellman Corporation, an Ohio
corporation; Electric Supply Corp.,
an Illinois corporation; Emerson
Electric Co., a Missouri corporation;
Ericsson, Inc. ,
a Delaware corporation ; Excelsior, Inc.,
an Illinois corporation; Essex Group,
Inc., a Michigan corporation
; F.R.P. Products,
Ltd., a foreign corporation, F & C
Supply, Inc., a North Dakota corporation;
Fargo-Moorhead Insulation Company, a
North Dakota corporation; Firebrick
Supply Co., a Minnesota corporation;
Fischer Controls International, LLC
f/k/a Fisher Governor Co., a Delaware
corporation; Foseco, Inc., a Delaware
corporation; Foster Products Corporation,
as successor-in-interest to Foster
Products Division of H. B. Fuller Company
and to the Benjamin Foster Division of
AmChem Products, Inc., a Minnesota
corporation; Foster Wheeler, LLC,
f/k/a Foster Wheeler Corporation, a
Delaware corporation; Frommelt Safety
Products, a Wisconsin corporation;
Fuel Economy Engineering Co., a
Minnesota corporation; Gardner
Denver Machinery, Inc. , a Delaware
corporation; Garlock, Inc., a New
York corporation; General Electric
Company, a New York corporation;
General Engineering Development
Corporation, f/k/a Fuel Economy
Engineering Company, a South Dakota
corporation; George T. Walker & Co.,
Inc., a foreign corporation; Georgia-
Pacific, LLC, f/k/a Georgia-Pacific
Corp, a Georgia corporation; Goodrich
Corporation, f/k/a B.F. Goodrich
Company a New York corporation;
Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, an
Ohio corporation; Graybar Electric, a
New York corporation; Greene, Tweed
& Company, a Pennsylvania
corporation; Ginnell Corporation, a
Minnesota corporation; H.B. Fuller
Company, a Minnesota corporation;
H.E. Everson Company, a North Dakota
corporation; H.H. Robertson Company,
a Pennsylvania corporation; Hedman
Mines, Ltd., a Canadian corporation;
Hennig Packing & Gasket Corporation,
an Illinois corporation; Henry Vogt
Machine Company, a Kentucky
corporation; Herucles Chemical
Company, Inc., a New Jersey
corporation; Hickory Insulation Co.,
a foreign corporation; Hobart Brothers
Co., an Ohio corporation; Honeywell,
Inc., a Delaware corporation;
Houston Specialty Wire & Cable Co., a
Delaware corporation; Industrial
Contractors Inc., a North Dakota
corporation; Industrial Holdings
Corporation, f/k/a The Carborundum
Company, a Delaware corporation;
Ingersoll-Rand Company, a New Jersey
corporation; Illinois Insulation
Contracting Company, Inc.
Illinois Roofing & Insulation Company),
an Illinois corporation; Inductotherm
Industries Services, Inc., a Louisiana
corporation; Insulation Services, Inc. a
Louisiana Corporation; International
Vermiculite Co., an Illinois corporation;
J.H. France Refractories Company, a
Pennsylvania corporation; The Jamar
Company, a Minnesota corporation
(individually and as successor-in-interest
and liability to the Walker-Jamar
Company, a former Minnesota corporation);
Jaquays Mining Company, an Arizona
corporation; Jerguson Gage & Valve, a
division of The Clark Reliance
Corporation, Jerguson Gage & Valve, a
foreign corporation; John Crane, Inc.,
a Delaware corporation (successor-in-
interest to John Crane-Houdaille, Inc.
and Crane Packing Company); Johnston
Boiler Co., a Michigan corporation;
Kaiser Gypsum Company, Inc., a
Washington corporation; Kelly-Moore
Paint Company, a California corporation;
Kelsey-Hayes Group (a division of Varity
Corporation), a Delaware corporation;
Kewanee Boiler Corporation (n/k/a
OakFabCo, Inc.), an Illinois corporation;
Lac d' Amiante du Quebec, Ltee. (f/k/a
Lake Asbestos of Quebec, a Canadian
corporation; Lamons Metal Gasket Company,
a Delaware corporation, Lincoln Electric
Co., an Ohio corporation; Lipe-Rollway
Corporation, a New York corporation;
Lochinvar, a Tennessee corporation;
Mandan Electric supply, a foreign
corporation, Marmon Corporation, a
Delaware corporation; McMaster Carr
Supply Company, an Illinois corporation;
McNeil Refractories, Inc., a Pennsylvania
corporation; Mellema Company, a Minnesota
corporation; Metate Asbestos Mines, an
Arizona corporation; Metropolitan Life
Insurance Company, a foreign corporation;
Mine Safety Appliance Company, a
Pennsylvania corporation; Minnesota Mining
& Manufacturing, a Delaware corporation;
Natkin Group, Inc., as successor to Fuel
Economy Engineering Company, a Delaware
corporation; Northern Plumbing & Heating,
Inc., a North Dakota corporation; Northern
Plumbing Supply, Inc., a North Dakota
corporation; OakFabCo, Inc., f/k/a
Kewanee Boiler Corporation, an Illinois
corporation; The Okonite Company, Inc.,
a New Jersey corporation; Owens-Illinois,
Inc., an Ohio corporation; Parker Boiler
Co, a California corporation; Paul A.
Douden, a Colorado corporation; Paul W.
Abbott Company, Inc., a foreign
corporation; Pfizer, Inc., a Delaware
corporation; Phelps Dodge Industries,
Inc., a New York corporation; Pipe,
Valve & Fittings Company, a Colorado
corporation; Power Process Equipment,
Inc., a Minnesota corporation; Power
Supply of Minnesota, a Minnesota
corporation; Praxair Distribution,
Inc., a Delaware corporation; Quin-T
Corporation, a Delaware corporation;
Rapid-American Corporation, as successor
by merger to Glen Alden Corporation,
Briggs Manufacturing Company and
Philip Carey Corporation and Philip
Carey Manufacturing Company, a
Delaware corporation; Research
Cottrell, Inc., a New Jersey
corporation; Rheem Manufacturing
Company, a Delaware corporation;
Rhone-Poulenc, Inc., a New York
corporation (as successor-in-
interest to Benjamin Foster,
a division of AmChem Products
Company); Riley Power Inc., f/k/a
Riley Stoker Corporation, a
Massachusetts; Robinson Insulation,
a Montana corporation; Rockbestos-
Surprenant Cable Corp. (f/k/a The
Rockbestos) Company), a Delaware
corporation (a wholly owned subsidiary
of Marmon Corporation); Rockwell
International Corporation, a Nevada
corporation; Rome Cable Corp., a
Delaware corporation (a subsidiary
of Rome Group Inc.); Roughrider
Supply, a foreign corporation; RPM,
Inc., an Ohio corporation; Ryall
Electric Supply Co., a Colorado
corporation; S.O.S. Products
Company, Inc., a Pennsylvania
corporation; Saint-Gobain Abrasives,
Inc., f/k/a Norton Company
individually and as successor by
merger with Carborundum Abrasives
Company, a Massachusetts corporation;
SEPCO Corporation, an Alabama
corporation; Singer Safety Company
an Illinois corporation; Smith-Sharp
Company, a Minnesota Corporation;
Sprinkman & Sons Corporation, an Illinois
corporation; Sprinkman & Sons
Corporation, a Wisconsin corporation;
Stemmerich Supply Co., a Missouri
corporation; Superior Boiler Works,
Inc., a Kansas corporation; Sussman
Electric Boilers, a New York
corporation; Thermo Electric Co., a
New Jersey corporation; The Trane
Co., a New York corporation, (a
division of American Standard, Inc.);
U.S. Filter Co., a foreign corporation;
Union Boiler Co., a Delaware corporation;
Union Carbide Corporation, a New York
corporation; Uniroyal, Inc., a New
Jersey corporation; United Conveyor
Corporation, an Illinois corporation;
Victor H. Leeby Company, a North Dakota
corporation; Walker Jamar Company, a
Minnesota corporation; Weil McLain
Company, a Delaware corporation;
Western Steel & Plumbing, Inc., a
North Dakota corporation; Whittier
Filtration, Inc., f/k/a U.S. Filter/
Whittier, Inc., a subsidiary of Water
Applications & Systems Corporation, a
Delaware corporation; Zurn Industries,
Inc., a Pennsylvania corporation. Defendants
Jamar Company and Walker Jamar
Company, Appellants
Case Type
Appeal From
Case No. 2010-CV-02724
East Central Judicial District, Cass County
Steven L. Marquart



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