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North Dakota Supreme Court Weather Policy for In-Person Oral Argument

Rescheduling arguments is costly and unduly delays submission of matters to the Court. Therefore, counsel and parties are expected to make appropriate arrangements to ensure their presence at the time scheduled for oral argument. Counsel or parties may need to travel in advance of in-person oral argument to avoid unfavorable weather.

The Court will consider conducting oral argument by reliable electronic means if inperson appearance at oral argument risks the personal safety of counsel or parties presenting argument. The Court strongly prefers all parties file a stipulation agreeing to conduct argument by reliable electronic means. The Court, on its own, may decide to conduct oral argument by reliable electronic means.

If oral argument is scheduled but not held due to weather, the matter may be submitted to the Court based on the record and the briefs filed, unless otherwise ordered by the Court.

Approved:  March 15, 2023