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William C. Crawford

District Court Judge

Elected in 1909

Judge Crawford was born in Cedar County Missouri, on February 24, 1872. At the age of sixteen he left for college; teaching two years to procure means to continue his education. He graduated from Warrensburg State Normal College; taught two more years and served as Principal of the Warsaw Public Schools. He then entered the Missouri State University, from which he graduated in 1897, with the degrees of B. S. and L. L. B. He practiced law in Cedar County, Missouri, was twice elected as State's Attorney of Cedar County. He moved to Dickinson, North Dakota, in March 1903. He was elected Judge of the Tenth Judicial District in 1908, he served in that capacity until 1919, when the judicial districts were revised he became Judge of the Sixth Judicial District from 1919 until 1920. Judge Crawford died on February 28, 1961.