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Working at the North Dakota Court System

To provide equal access to just, impartial, and timely resolution of disputes under law.

The North Dakota court system will be a system that excels at delivering justice for all through the rule of law and will be fair, effective, responsive, accessible, accountable, and collaborative.

To be fair, the North Dakota court system will respect the dignity of every person and apply the law impartially to the circumstances of each case.

To be effective, the court system will uphold the law and apply rules and procedures consistently and in a timely manner.

To be responsive, the court system will anticipate and respond to the needs of society and the court system.

To be accessible, the court system will be convenient, understandable, timely, and affordable to everyone.

To be accountable, the court system will work to maintain public trust and confidence and use public resources efficiently.

To be collaborative, the court system, while maintaining its status as a co-equal branch of government, will identify and seek opportunities to work cooperatively with other branches of government to address common issues.

I really enjoyed my time working with the Court System. The clerk’s office was such a great place to work for and I felt that I was provided opportunities to learn and grow. The job felt balanced and structured and I felt I was given all the tools needed to succeed in the position. I really appreciated my managers/supervisors for always being there to guide and answer any questions I had.

Deputy Clerk of District Court

What I liked most about my job was the interaction with the public and the court. I always felt honored to represent the Judiciary as the clerk’s office is the main face of the Judiciary. I took pride in assisting them to the best of my ability, going out of the way, when necessary to accomplish this. I also enjoyed the great working relationships that I was able to establish with our justice partners (i.e. State’s Attorney, Probation, Correctional Center, Sheriff), those relationships will be greatly missed. Lastly, I enjoyed being able to travel to several clerks’ offices assisting in training sessions or office reviews.

Deputy Clerk of District Court

I have enjoyed my career with the court system and appreciate the coworkers and friends that I have made over the years and the knowledge and experience I gained. I would actually like to say "thank you" for affording me the opportunity to have worked with the court for 23 years.

Administrative Assistant

I enjoyed the work, the people I worked with and developed a new understanding of the court system itself. Thank you for the opportunity to work with the youth of our community.

Juvenile Court Officer

My favorite things about working for the Court System were the people I got to meet and the knowledge I obtained over the years.

Electronic Court Recorder

I loved the stability, friendliness and the bosses and coworkers I have had. I enjoyed traveling and seeing other counties and meeting the staff there.

Court Reporter

I liked the job itself - going into court, working in Odyssey, solving problems, working with my peers, working with the judges and our justice partners. The job is nuanced, stimulating and always changing. It's the task at hand that keeps me motivated.

Deputy Clerk of District Court

I would describe this as my “dream job”. I’ve loved every minute of working here. I’ve enjoyed the people and the camaraderie. A place and people I will truly miss.

Electronic Court Recorder

I loved working with the clerks. I also liked my coworkers a lot. I've enjoyed helping people resolve problems they are having and creating bits of information that makes their life easier.

Programmer Analyst

Each and every day I loved coming to work and took great pride in the services we provided, there really wasn’t anything I didn’t like.

Deputy Clerk of District Court

What I liked most about my job was the ability to work with so many people on any given day, including administration, staff, the clerk's office, my fellow reporters and recorders and the judges. I liked that it wasn't the same thing every day.

Court Reporter

I loved the variety of work, the knowledge I have obtained, working in the courtrooms, just enjoyed the overall aspect of working for the Court System.

Deputy Clerk of District Court

I enjoyed my work, in large part, because of the diversity of the caseload. While that diversity can be challenging at times, that diversity of the caseload ensured that my work day would never be repetitious.

Deputy Clerk of District Court

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