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Rule 13. Public Records

Effective Date: 4/1/2013

A.All records maintained by the Board regarding applications for admission to practice law, all examination materials, and all proceedings by the Board shall be confidential except as provided by these rules. The following records shall be maintained as public records:

1.the name and last address provided of each applicant;

2. pre-legal colleges attended by each applicant; schools attended by each applicant;

4.whether an applicant is currently admitted to practice under rule for Limited Practice of Law by Law Students (Senior Practice Rule);

5.names and addresses of persons who have passed the examination and have met all the requirements for admission to practice;

6.whether an applicant has been admitted with conditions; and

7.statistical summaries as may be authorized by the Supreme Court.

B.Upon written request information may be exchanged with an authorized attorney discipline agency and released to bar admission authorities in jurisdictions where an application for admission is pending.

C.Application information may be released to agents authorized by the Board to investigate moral character.

D.If the Board makes a negative recommendation for admission to practice based upon lack of good moral character, the applicant is entitled to disclosure of records pertaining to the applicant's moral character.

E. Upon an applicant's request for Supreme Court review of a negative recommendation for admission or licensure, the records pertaining to an applicant shall be public records.

F. The Board is authorized to provide to the National Conference of Bar Examiners relevant information for the reporting of UBE and MBE scores between jurisdictions and participation in the cross reference program.

G. The Board may release the same score information provided to a failing applicant, and the MBE and UBE scores for all other applicants, to the law school from which the applicant received a juris doctor degree. The report to a law school may use the name of the applicant.

[Amended effective March 1,1999; August 1, 2001; June 16, 2004; March 1, 2009; April 1, 2013.]

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