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Rule 5. Law Student Registration Requirements

Effective Date: 3/1/2009

A.Except as provided in D., no person shall be entitled to write an examination for admission to practice law in this state unless such person has filed with the Board a Law Student Registration Application by October 1 of the applicant's second year of law school or in no event later than 14 months after the applicant's first day of the first year of law school.

B.The application shall be submitted on forms provided by the Board and shall be accompanied by the required fees.

C.The filing of a Law Student Registration Application does not constitute the filing of a bar examination application.

D.Upon payment of a late registration fee as required by the Board, a person who does not comply with section A. shall be permitted to file a late application not later than the last established filing date of application for the bar examination.

[Amended effective August 1, 2001; March 1, 2009.]

Effective Date Obsolete Date
03/01/2009 View
08/01/2001 03/01/2009 View
01/01/1993 08/01/2001 View