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Effective Date: 1/1/2001

The party who initiates a motion shall notice the same for hearing in all cases for a date and time certain whether or not oral argument is requested. If no oral argument is requested and the Court does not order oral argument on its own motion, the Court shall consider the ;matter submitted on briefs without oral argument. The moving party shall indicate on the notice of motion whether or not oral argument is requested and, if not, the notice shall advise the other party or parties that oral argument may be requested if a brief is filed by the opposing party. The party requesting oral argument shall notify the calendar control clerk to that effect so that an appropriate amount of time may be reserved on the court calendar for that purpose. Upon the filing of all briefs, or upon the expiration of the time for filing, whichever occurs first, the motion is deemed submitted and taken under advisement by the Court for final consideration at the noticed date and time. If oral argument is timely requested, the motion shall not be deemed submitted until the oral arguments have been make. This Local Rule of Court shall implement the provisions of Rule 3.2 of the North Dakota Rules of Court and the purpose of this Local Court Rule is to provide a mechanism for bringing the motion to the attention of the Court in all cases, whether or not oral argument is requested.

[Adopted by February 2, 1996 Order of the Presiding Judge, on an emergency basis, effective March 1, 1996, and to "continue in force thereafter indefinitely, until further order of the court."]

CROSS REFERENCE: See Effective Term of Local Court Rule, 10, ND Local Ct R.

Repealed effective October 13, 1998

Effective Date Obsolete Date
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