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Effective Date: 3/7/2012

Purpose: This local Rule is adopted to provide a district-wide procedure for reassignment of selected cases in compliance with Administrative Rule 2.

1. Non-contested matters submitted to a Judge of the South Central Judicial District as part of their master calendar work will not be considered as an event requiring the filing of a demand for change of judge. In the event a subsequent controversy arises in connection with a civil action signed by a master calendar judge or if a different judge is requested for sentencing purposes in a criminal action, a demand subsequently made pursuant to Section 29-15-21 will be honored.
2. If the presiding judge is the judge against whom a demand for change of judge is filed under N.D.C.C. 29-15-21, the demand will be referred to the Burleigh Master Calendar judge for review. If the demand is granted, a new judge from the district will be randomly assigned by the Odyssey case management system.
3. If the presiding judge determines that it is inappropriate for the presiding judge to preside in an assigned case, the case will be randomly reassigned by the Odyssey case management system to another judge in the district.

[Adopted effective December 16, 1994; readopted as amended on an emergency basis February 12, 2012; and approved, as readopted and further amended by the Supreme Court March 7, 2012.]

CROSS REFERENCE: See Effective Term of Local Court Rule, N.D.R. Local Ct. P.R. § 10.

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12/16/1994 03/07/2012 View