Purpose. The purpose of this policy is to implement Administrative Rule 21E NDRPR by establishing guidelines for expanded media coverage of judicial proceedings held in the nine counties of the Southeast Judicial District. This policy is applicable to all judicial proceedings in district courts of the Southeast Judicial District.


1. Requests for expanded media coverage pursuant to AR 21E shall be made to the trial judge assigned to the case with a copy to be mailed to the presiding judge of the judicial district.

2. Media coverage will be allowed only during recesses sessions of the court. Coverage will not be allowed during recesses or whenever the judge is not present in the courtroom.

3. Only one television camera will be allowed in the courtroom during any particular proceeding for which expanded media coverage has been granted. It will be in a fixed location, pooled by stations, and no visible indication that recording is occurring will be allowed, such as movement of the camera or on-off lights.

4.Still photographers will be assigned a position in the courtroom behind the bar and shall remain in that assigned position throughout the proceedings. Still photographers are to advance the film manually and not use automatic film advance. No lights or flash equipment will be allowed.

Effective and Termination Date.The effective date of this policy is October 26, 1988. This policy shall remain in effect until further Order of the Court.

[Effective October 26, 1988.]

CROSS REFERENCE: See Effective Term of Local Court Rule, 10, ND Local Ct R.

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