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Effective Date: 3/1/2005

Obsolete Date: 3/1/2011

(a) Appellant's Responsibility.

(1) Contents of the Appendix. Only items in the record may be included in the appendix. The author's signature on the brief, under Rule 32, certifies compliance with this rule. The appellant must prepare and file an appendix to the briefs containing only the following relevant portions of the lower court record:
(A) the docket sheet of the lower court, and agency docket sheet when an appeal is taken under the Administrative Agencies Practice Act;
(B) the indictment, information, or complaint, as amended;
(C) the answer, counterclaim, cross claim, and replies;
(D) parts of any pre-trial order relevant to the issues on appeal;
(E) any supporting memorandum of decision, findings of fact and conclusions of law filed or delivered orally by the court;
(F) the judgment, order, or decision in question;
(G) any other orders to be reviewed;
(H) the instruction in question, if the correctness of a jury instruction is in issue, and any other relevant part of the jury charge;
(I) the notice of appeal;
(J) any other relevant parts of the record, including portions of the transcript, to which the particular attention of the court is invited.
(2) Excluded Material. Except for relevant short transcripts or short excerpts showing the court's reasoning, district court transcripts filed in electronic form under Rule 10(c) may not be included in an appendix. District court briefs of the parties may not be included in the appendix unless they have independent relevance. Parts of the record may be relied on by the court or the parties even though not included in the appendix.
(3) Time to File; Number of Copies. Unless filing is deferred under Rule 30 (c), the appellant must file eight copies of the appendix with the brief and must serve one copy on counsel for each party separately represented. The court may in a particular case require the filing or service of a different number.

(b) Option of Appellee or Cross-Appellant to Serve and File Appendix; Cost of Producing. The parties are encouraged to agree as to the contents of a single appendix. If an appellee or cross-appellant considers it necessary to direct the attention of the court to parts of the record not included in the appellant's appendix, a separate appendix may be served and filed with the appellee's brief. If an appellee or cross-appellant prepares an appendix, eight copies must be filed with the clerk, and one copy must be served on counsel for each party separately represented, unless the court by rule or order directs otherwise. Only items specified in subdivision (a) that have not been included in the appellant's appendix may be included in the appellee's or cross-appellant's appendix.

(c) Deferred Filing. The court, on motion, may defer preparation of the appendix until after service and filing of the appellee's brief. If a deferred appendix is authorized, references in the briefs must be to the docket number for the parts of the record involved. If preparation and filing of the appendix is thus deferred, the appellant must prepare the appendix. The appendix must contain the documents required under Rule 30 (a) and other parts of the record cited in the appellant's or appellee's brief. The appendix must be served and filed within 11 days after service of the appellee's brief.

(d) Format of the Appendix. The appendix must begin with a table of contents identifying the page at which each part begins. The table of contents must be arranged in the same order as parts of the record appear in the appendix. The docket sheet of the lower court must immediately follow the table of contents. The remainder of the appendix must be arranged in the same order as the docket entries. When pages from the transcript of proceedings are placed in the appendix, the table of contents must indicate the transcript page numbers in brackets. Immaterial formal matters (captions, subscriptions, acknowledgments, etc.) should be omitted. The appendix may be prepared with double-sided pages. The appendix must be separately bound.

Rule 30 was amended, effective September 1, 1983; January 1, 1988; March 1, 1994; March 1, 1996; March 1, 1998; March 1, 2003; March 1, 2005; March 1, 2011; October 1, 2014; November 1, 2020; March 1, 2022; January 25, 2023.

Rule 30 was amended, effective March 1, 2022, to provide standards for references to the record in documents filed with the supreme court and to eliminate the requirement to prepare an appendix. The entire record is available to the supreme court for reference and examination. Material in the record is listed in the register of actions and specific items are identified by index numbers. Material in the register of actions is accessible to attorneys through the Odyssey secure public access system and to judges under the events tab of the Odyssey dashboard.

Rule 30 was amended, effective January 25, 2023, to provide a format for citation to more than one district court record.

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CROSS REFERENCE: N.D.R.App.P. 10 (The Record on Appeal); N.D.R.App.P. 13 (Sanctions); N.D.R.App.P. 25 (Filing and Service) ; N.D.R.App.P. 31 (Serving and Filing Briefs) ; N.D.R.App.P. 32 (Form of Briefs and Other Documents); N.D.R.App.P. 39 (Costs).

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