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Effective Date: 1/1/2001

The following is a nonexclusive list of statutes pertaining to special statutory proceedings.

North Dakota Century Code

10-19.1 North Dakota Business Corporation Act—Dissolution
14-07-12 to
Transfer of Property When Spouse Abandoned or Imprisoned
14-09-06 Habeas Corpus to Determine Custody of Minor [repealed]
14-12.2 Uniform Interstate Family Support Act
14-15 Revised Uniform Adoption Act
14-20 Uniform Parentage Act
16.1-01-08 Correcting Errors on Ballots
16.1-16 Contest of Elections
18-01-18 to
Proceedings to Abate Fire Hazards
27-10 Contempts
27-20 Uniform Juvenile Court Act
Title 30.1 Uniform Probate Code
32-15 Eminent Domain
32-16 Action for Partition of Real Property
32-17 Actions to Quiet Title and Determine Claims to Real Estate
32-18 Cancellation of Land Contracts
32-19 Foreclosure of Real Estate Mortgage by Action
32-20 Foreclosure of Liens on Personal Property
32-22 Habeas Corpus
32-26 Administration of Assignment for Benefit of Creditors
32-27 Establishing Citizenship
32-28 Change of Names of Persons and Places
32-29.3 Uniform Arbitration Act
32-30 Proceedings Against Joint Debtors
32-31 Foreclosure of Tax Liens
32-32 Special Proceedings, General Provisions
32-33 Writ of Certiorari
32-34 Writ of Mandamus
32-35 Writ of Prohibition
32-37 Establishing Date and Place of Birth
40-47-11 Determination of Board of Adjustment Reviewable
40-51.2-15 Review of Determination of Administrative Law Judge by Certiorari
44-01-10 Approval of Bond of Public Officer [repealed]
49-11-12 Review of Commission's Disapproval of Plan for Railroad Crossing Without Stopping [repealed]
57-30 Action by County to Quiet Title
59-04 Administration of Trusts [repealed]
60-06 Public Warehouses on Railroad Right-of-Way
Effective Date Obsolete Date
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