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FORM 10. (RULE 41, N.D.R.Crim.P.)

Effective Date: 1/1/2001

STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA IN _______________________________
(name of court)
County of __________________. _____________ Judicial District 

To any peace officer of this State:

Affidavit having been made before me by [name of affiant] that he has reason to believe that on [premises known as] [the person of] [name or describe with particularity] City of _______ in the County of _______, State of North Dakota, there is now being concealed property or evidence, namely [describe the property or evidence with particularity] which [was stolen or embezzled] [was used in the commission of a crime] [is in the possession of a person with the intent to use it as a means of committing a public offense] [constitutes or may constitute evidence of a criminal offense in violation of the laws of this state] [indicate other basis or grounds for seizure]; and as I am satisfied that there is probable cause to believe that the property so described is being concealed on the [premises] [person] above-described.

*City of _______

**Before ____________________

(name of Judge)


YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED, To search, within ten [10] days after receiving this warrant, the [premises] [person] named for the property or evidence specified; serving this warrant and making the search [in the daytime] [at any time, day or night (indicate reason for search at a time other than daytime)], and if the property or evidence is found there, to seize it, leaving a copy of this warrant and a receipt for the property or evidence seized, and prepare a written inventory of the property seized and bring the inventory before me.

Dated (Month) (Date), (Year).



Effective Date Obsolete Date
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