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Effective Date: 7/1/1999

Communications to the board and its secretary, district inquiry committees, hearing panels, or counsel relating to lawyer misconduct or disability, as well as testimony given in any disability or disciplinary proceeding, are privileged, and no lawsuit predicated thereon may be instituted against any complainant or witness. Members of the board, the board's secretary, hearing panels, members of district inquiry committees, counsel and staff are immune from suit for any conduct in the course of their official duties. Except as otherwise provided in these rules, lawyer members of the board, hearing panels, and district inquiry committees have qualified immunity from disciplinary complaints for conduct in the course of their official duties.

[Amended effective July 1, 1999. Adopted effective January 1, 1995.]

Effective Date Obsolete Date
07/01/1999 View
01/01/1995 07/01/1999 View