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Effective Date: 5/1/2000

Obsolete Date: 4/1/2006

This Order establishes a Public Trust and Confidence Implementation Committee and is in effect until further Order of the Court.

A. Membership - Staffing

1. The Chief Justice, in consultation with the members of the Supreme Court, appoints up to 14members of the bench, bar and public to serve as permanent members on the Committee. At the request of the Committee, temporary members may be appointed to assist the Committee in specialized areas of need.

2.Permanent members shall be appointed for three year terms. Of the permanent members initially appointed and as determined by lot at the first meeting, one-third of the members will be appointed for one year, one-third for two years, and one-third for three years. Each permanent member is eligible for reappointment and serves until the member's successor is appointed.Temporary members will have no term.

3.The Committee is chaired by a member appointed by the Chief Justice.

4.The Committee is staffed by the State Court Administrator's office, unless other arrangements are made by the Committee.

B. Expenses

Expenses incurred by members are reimbursed by the Supreme Court.

C. Mission

1.Oversee the development of a detailed course of action to implement recommendations in the March 2000 Report of the Committee on Public Trust and Confidence.

2.Monitor the progress of the Judicial Branch toward enhancing the public's trust and confidence in the courts.

3.Recommend action beyond that set forth in the Report where necessary to achieve the goals identified in this section.


The Committee shall submit a progress report to the Supreme Court by October first and April first of each year, beginning October 1, 2000.

E.Effective Date

This Order is effective May 1, 2000, and remains in effect until further Order of this Court.

Dated at Bismarck, North Dakota, April 26, 2000.

Gerald W. VandeWalle, Chief Justice
William A. Neumann, Justice
Dale V. Sandstrom, Justice
Mary Muehlen Maring, Justice
Carol Ronning Kapsner, Justice

Penny Miller, Clerk
North Dakota Supreme Court

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