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Effective Date: 10/11/1995

This Order establishes a Joint Dispute Resolutions Study Committee and shall be in effect until further Order of the Court (June 30, 1998).

A. Membership

1. The Committee consists of five attorneys and five trial judges.

a. The president of the State Bar Association appoints five attorneys to serve on the Committee.
b. The Chief Justice appoints five trial judges to serve on the Committee.

2. The Committee is chaired by a member appointed by the Chief Justice in consultation with the President of the Association.

3. The Committee is staffed by the Supreme Court under the appropriation in the 1995 N.D. Laws Ch. 246, 35, with assistance of the Association and Supreme Court staff.

B. Expenses.

1. Expenses incurred by members appointed by the Association are reimbursed by the Association.

2. Expenses incurred by members appointed by the Chief Justice are reimbursed by the Supreme Court.

3. Support costs will be shared by the Supreme Court and Association as mutually agreed to during the course of the study.

C. Mission.

1. Review existing procedures to resolve a legal dispute other than by court trials.

2. Evaluate the need for developing further court-annexed options to resolve legal disputes.

3. Develop suggested court-annexed options to meet various needs.

4. Make appropriate recommendations.

D. Recommendations.

The Committee will submit its initial report, including any recommendations, to the Supreme Court, President of the State Bar Association, and the Board of Governors by November 1, 1996, and its final report by June 30, 1998.

E. Effective Date.

This Order is effective immediately and terminates on June 30, 1998.

Dated at Bismarck, North Dakota, October 11, 1995.

Gerald W. VandeWalle, Chief Justice
Herbert L. Meschke, Justice
Beryl J. Levine, Justice
William A. Neumann, Justice
Dale V. Sandstrom, Justice

Penny Miller, Clerk
North Dakota Supreme Court

[Adopted effective October 11, 1995, to terminate June 30, 1998.]

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