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Effective Date: 8/11/2021

This order establishes a court technology committee and is in effect until further order of the supreme court.

Section 1. Membership - Staffing

(a) The chief justice, in consultation with the supreme court, appoints judges and administrative staff of the judiciary to serve on the committee. No more than 11 members will be appointed, for three year terms. A member may not serve more than three consecutive terms. A former member who served three consecutive terms is eligible for reappointment after a six-year break in service. The director of education and communication will be an ex officio member of the committee, but may not vote.

(b) The committee is chaired by a member appointed by the chief justice for a three-year term, or until the chair's term on the committee expires.

(c) The committee is staffed by the director of technology.

Section 2. Expenses

Expenses incurred by members are reimbursed by the district court or supreme court, whichever is appropriate.

Section 3. Purpose

The purpose of the committee is to:

(a) Develop uniform rules for the management of data processing activities, including access to or release of information.

(b) Ensure the coordination of hardware and software acquisition and system development.

(c) Provide guidelines for the use and acquisition of new technologies.

(d) Submit a biennial plan for the development and implementation of technologies in the various court systems, including priorities and budget impact, to the state court administrator for the supreme court's consideration.

(e) Establish standards for communication, required information, and protocols, for any court information system developed locally.

Section 4. Effective Date

This Order is effective immediately and remains in effect until further order of this court.

Source: Adopted effective immediately, December 17, 1997; amended effective April 1, 2006 (Supreme Court No. 20060059); April 1, 2008 (Supreme Court No. 20080067); August 11, 2021. 

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