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Effective Date: 5/25/1988

Obsolete Date: 7/1/2009

Section 1. Organization and Contents of Proposal.

To aid in the comparative evaluation of proposals, all grant applications must be submitted in writing and contain the following information in the order listed.

(a) Complete summary form

(b) A written narrative proposal on 81/2 11 inch paper, not to exceed ten double-spaced typewritten pages, which sets forth:

(1) A description of the objective(s) of the project/organization for which funds are requested;
(2) The methods by which the objective(s) are to be accomplished and the facts supporting the choice of methodology;
(3) The qualification of key individuals responsible for the project/organization;
(4) The plans for evaluating the success of the project/organization in meeting its objective(s);
(5) The period of time expected to complete the project (if applicable);
(6) A statement describing the project for which funds are requested;
(7) Such additional information as the applicant believes desirable.

(c) Complete a staff report (if funding is sought for a program which seeks to provide civil legal services for indigents)

(d) Complete financial budget form

(e) Non-discrimination statement

(f) A list of all funding sources

(g) A list of the applicant's governing board including the full name, address and occupation of the members of applicant's governing board, indicating officers, their titles and terms.

Section 2. Supporting Organizational Documents.

(a) Corporate applicants must attach a conformed copy of:

(1) The applicant's articles of incorporation or association (including amendments, if any) and current by-laws, or other organizational documents.
(2) The applicant's Identification Number, IRS Tax Exempt Determination Letter and last IRS Form 990, if requested.

(b) Non-corporate applicants must attach a conformed copy of:

(1) Constitution, Articles of Association or Trust Indenture;
(2) By-laws or similar internal rules of operation; and
(3) Determination letter from the IRS that the applicant is exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, if required.

All documents required to be conformed shall have attached a certification signed by the secretary or similar officer that the documents are true and correct copies, have not been retracted or amended, and are in full force and effect.

Section 3. Processing Grant Applications.

(a) Applications should be directed to the Executive Director of the Committee at the following address:

Lawyer Trust Account Committee
North Dakota Bar Foundation
P.O. Box 2136
Bismarck, ND 58502-2136

(b) Applicant must submit six (6) complete copies of its proposal. There can be no extensions of or exceptions to established deadline dates and time.

(c) Grant awards will be announced by the Committee.

Dated this 25th day of May, 1988.

Ralph J. Erickstad, Chief Justice
Gerald W. VandeWalle, Justice
H.F. Gierke III, Justice
Herbert L. Mescke, Justice
Beryl J. Levine, Justice

Penny Barry
Deputy Clerk 

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