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Administrative Rule 9 - JURY SELECTION PROCEDURE

Effective Date: 9/1/2011

Pursuant to N.D. Const. Art. VI, § 3 and N.D.C.C. § 27-09.1-18, the Supreme Court of North Dakota promulgates the following Administrative Rule relating to jury selection:

1. All courts conducting jury trials shall use jurors selected only pursuant to the Uniform Jury Selection and Service Act (N.D.C.C. Ch. 27-09.1) and this Administrative Rule.

2. All courts conducting jury trials shall obtain jury panels in the manner prescribed by the jury selection plan filed with the Clerk of the North Dakota Supreme Court.

3. The State Court Administrator, after consultation with the Jury Standards Committee, shall file a jury selection plan with the Clerk of the North Dakota Supreme Court. The plan shall detail the procedures to be followed in selecting and managing jurors in order to implement the policies set forth in N.D.C.C. Ch. 27-09.1.

4. The State Court Administrator shall also file the jury selection plan with the clerk of district court of each county whenever it is amended.

5. The administration and management of the jury system in this state shall comply with the Standards Relating to Juror Use and Management, which are included and incorporated in this rules as an Appendix.

Dated at Bismarck, North Dakota, August 31, 2011.

Gerald W. VandeWalle, Chief Justice
William A. Neumann, Justice
Dale V. Sandstrom, Justice
Mary Muehlen Maring, Justice
Carol Ronning Kapsner, Justice

Penny Miller, Clerk
North Dakota Supreme Court

SOURCE: AR 9-1979 adopted as Emergency Rule effective August 1, 1979; readopted September 26, 1979; amended December 9, 1992; amended effective June 1, 2002; amended effective September 1, 2011.

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