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What the Self Help Center can do for you

What the self help program CAN do for you

  • Answer questions about court processes, court rules, court forms and legal terms
  • Provide available forms and some instruction on how to complete the forms or other required paperwork
  • Provide contact information for other agencies that may be able to assist you
  • Provide information about resources on the North Dakota Supreme Court website, in the state law library, in public and academic libraries in the state and on the Internet
  • Tell you about the legal process
  • Provide neutral and impartial service equally to all court users
  • Tell you how to find state laws and regulations

What the self help program CANNOT do for you

  • Give you any legal advice
  • Tell you if you have a good case
  • Tell you how statutes or caselaw apply to your situation
  • Tell you what to do or help you decide the best option for your situation
  • Tell you what words to use in filling out the forms
  • Tell you what to say in court
  • Cannot file documents for you
  • Assist in criminal matters
  • Explain a judicial decision
  • Refer you to a specific lawyer

Things to Remember

  • It is up to you to make decisions about your case
  • It is up to you to prepare, file, and serve papers
  • It is up to you to follow up on anything the court requires you to do