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Guardian of Adult Qualifications, Requirements & Declarations (Previously Affidavits)

Rule 59 of the North Dakota Supreme Court Administrative Rules & Orders lists the qualifications and training requirements for nonprofessional and professional guardians appointed by a North Dakota state district court under N.D.C.C. Chapter 30.1-28.

The requirements of Rule 59 don't apply to emergency guardians appointed under N.D.C.C. 30.1-28-10.1.

Administrative Rule 59 Guardian of Adult Qualifications and Requirements

Administrative Rule 59 Guardian Declaration Forms

Following are unsworn declaration forms a guardian may use for the affidavit requirement of Administrative Rule 59. A dated and signed unsworn declaration has the same force and effect of an affidavit as long as the unsworn declaration meets the requirements of Rule 11(a)(2) of the North Dakota Rules of Civil Procedure.

Proposed Guardian Declaration Forms

(Guardian not yet appointed; Complete Administrative Rule 59 requirements BEFORE court will appoint)

Current Guardian Declaration Forms

(Guardian already appointed by the court)

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