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Early Destruction of Juvenile Court Records


(In 2021, the North Dakota State Legislature changed the term “Unruly” to “Child in Need of Services.”)

An individual who was the subject of a North Dakota Juvenile Court delinquency or child in need of services (also called unruly) proceeding may petition the Juvenile Court to destroy the records early when:

  • The proceeding in Juvenile Court was for either a delinquent child acts or for a child in need of services (also called unruly);
    • Delinquent acts are considered crimes whether they are committed by a child or an adult.
    • A child in need of services commits offenses that only apply to children, including truancy and ungovernable behavior.
  • The proceeding in Juvenile Court was handled by a judicial referee or a judge;
    • You may choose to include informal adjustments and diversions in your request.
  • The individual believes there is good cause for the records to be destroyed early; AND
  • The individual doesn't have any juvenile or criminal charges pending in any other court.


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Motion for Early Destruction of Juvenile Court Records

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