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Pattern Jury Instructions

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In criminal actions and in civil actions where jury trials are permitted and requested, the judge instructs the jury concerning the law involved in the action. North Dakota has developed pattern jury instructions that can be used in criminal and civil actions.

North Dakota's Pattern Jury Instruction Commission develops the pattern jury instructions. The Commission is made up of North Dakota judges and lawyers.

The Commission researches the laws and their requirements in order to develop pattern instructions. Then, the Commission drafts and publishes the Pattern Jury Instructions. Please note that jury instructions are not available for every criminal or civil action.

***Do not use these Instructions without also reviewing the applicable laws enacted by the North Dakota Legislative Assembly, court rules, and case law.

The Pattern Jury Instructions are provided for the benefit of judges, lawyers and self-represented litigants in North Dakota District Courts. The Instructions are advisory only. Publication of the Instructions does not imply either approval or authoritative construction by the North Dakota Supreme Court. Individual uses of the Instructions are subject to review by the North Dakota Supreme Court.***