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People in the Courtroom


  • Person with authority to decide the case
  • District Court Judges are elected in North Dakota

Clerk of Court

  • Court official who keeps track of court files, records, and exhibits

Court Reporter

  • Person who takes down testimony during court proceedings

Judicial Referee

  • A person appointed by the presiding judge in a judicial district that presides over such things as:
    • Juvenile Court
    • Child Support Hearings


  • A person whose duties are to keep order in the courtroom, carry out court instructions and to take care of juror requests


  • The party who begins or files a civil lawsuit


  • Civil case – person being sued
  • Criminal Case – person charged with committing a crime


  • Person who files a written document with the Court that requests an action or a certain result


  • Person the petitioner wants relief from. The person who opposes the petition


  • In a criminal case the lawyer who argues for the state against the person charged with committing a crime. This is usually the State’s Attorney or an Assistant State’s Attorney