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Lawyer licenses expire Dec. 31

The State Board of Law Examiners reminds lawyers that 2020 licenses to practice law in North Dakota expire Dec. 31, regardless of when the 2020 license fee was paid.

Pro hac vice fee payment reminder

Attorneys who will continue to appear in 2021 in a North Dakota proceeding for which they have already filed a motion for pro hac vice admission are required to pay a fee of $380 by Jan. 1, 2021.

Courthouses to close for Thanksgiving holiday

The Supreme Court and courthouses across the state will be closed Thursday, Nov. 26, for Thanksgiving. On Friday, Nov. 27, the Supreme Court and the Barnes, Burleigh, Cass and Morton County courthouses will be open. The rest of the county courthouses in the state will be closed.

Jury trials suspended in NEJD, SCJD, SWJD

Jury trials in the Northeast Judicial District are suspended until Jan. 10, 2021; jury trials are continued in the South Central Judicial District until Dec. 11; and jury trials are suspended in the Southwest Judicial District indefinitely.