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Job Announcement - Clerk of Court Friday, July 8, 2022


Position: Clerk of Court 

Location: Bismarck, North Dakota

Closing Date: August 1, 2022

Starting Salary Range: $153,846 - $176,690 (JSP 16 - JSP 17)

Estimated Starting Date: January 1, 2023

The Clerk’s Office of the United States District Court is a career-oriented organization focused on providing exceptional service to the court, members of the legal community, and the general public. Currently, we are seeking applicants for a full-time Clerk of Court position. The Clerk of Court is appointed by the judges of the District Court for the District of North Dakota. The position is a high-level management position which functions under the direction of the Chief Judge and is responsible for managing the administrative activities of the Clerk’s Office and overseeing the performance of the statutory duties of the office. Currently, the Clerk’s Office employs 25 employees.


• Consulting with and making recommendations to the judges regarding court policies and procedures;

• Directing staff responsible for the processing of civil and criminal cases, the issuance of process and the maintenance of official records in the custody of the court;

• Managing the jury operations of the court and making recommendations as required to improve juror utilization;

• Directing through subordinate staff the court’s financial service function including purchasing, juror payments, and accounting functions;

• Working with members of the bar and the public to improve the delivery of court services;

• Hiring and assigning personnel as well as designing and managing training programs;

• Preparing and managing the annual budget;

• Conducting special studies as directed and preparing statistical and narrative reports;

• Managing staff responsible for automation and information technology services, statistical analysis and reporting requirements, inventory control and human resources management.

QUALIFICATIONS: A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution is required, as is a minimum of 10 years of progressively responsible administrative experience in public service or business that provided a thorough understanding of organizational, procedural and human aspects of managing an organization. At least three (3) of the ten (10) years of experience must have been in a position of substantial management responsibility. Substantial management responsibility is defined as high-level administrative experience that provided a thorough understanding of the organizational, procedural and human aspects of managing an organization. Such experience typically includes financial management, space and facilities management, oversight of the information technology and human resources functions, and long and short-range planning. Possible titles indicative of the applicant having worked in a position that allowed for the acquisition of this experience within the Judiciary include any of the court unit executive or type II second-in-command positions, assistant deputy chief probation officer or assistant deputy chief pretrial services officer. Outside the Judiciary, such positions would include other executive management level positions in local, state or federal government, as well as president or vice president in charge of several departments or offices, head manager or owner-operator of a medium to large company. The successful candidate must be able to balance the demands of varying workload responsibilities and deadlines and possess excellent oral and written communication skills. The successful candidate should be a leader, motivator, highly organized, a good steward of resources, possess good judgment, initiative and be able to maintain a professional appearance and demeanor at all times.

LAW PRACTICE EQUIVALENT: An attorney who is in the active practice of law in either the public or private sector may substitute said active practice on a year-for-year basis for the management or administrative experience requirement.

EDUCATIONAL EQUIVALENTS: Education in college or university of recognized standing may be substituted for a maximum of three (3) years of the required general administrative experience on the basis of one academic year of education equals 9 months of experience. A bachelor’s degree may be substituted for three (3) years of general experience. Preferably such degree should have included courses in law, government, public, business or judicial administration or related fields. A postgraduate degree in public, business or judicial administration from an accredited college or university may be substituted for one (1) additional year of the required general administrative experience, while a degree from an accredited law school may be considered as qualifying for two (2) additional years of the required general administrative experience.

PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: Preference will be given to applicants with a Juris Doctorate or a Master’s degree in business or judicial administration, or a related field and substantial experience in a federal court. Excellent computer skills are highly desirable including a working knowledge of networks sufficient to overseethe management of the organization’s automation needs. Excellent organizational, leadership and management skills. Experience and tenure in leading teams, managing budgets and financial plans, leading large multi-faceted projects, evaluating work processes and organizational impact, re-engineering or creating new organizational models and planning and implementing organizational change. Understanding of the Judiciary’s decentralized administrative model. Ability to effectively interact with Judges, the legal community, and other service providing agencies. Displays executive leadership skills, vision and innovation. Substantial knowledge of and experience in the operations and management of court services. Knowledge of the processing of civil and criminal cases, and Federal Rules of Civil and Criminal Procedure. Knowledge of the Guide to Judiciary Policy and Procedures. Skill in operational leadership and strong analytical skills. Ability to learn and adapt to change while leading an organization, to get results under challenging conditions, and inspire others to perform at a high level. Exhibit a presence that builds confidence in others. Should possess the ability to analyze problems from a fresh point of view and communicate own ideas/thoughts to others.

SALARY AND BENEFITS: The actual pay level will be established on the basis of the successful applicant’s qualifications and experience.  The position does not carry the tenure rights of positions in the competitive Civil Service. Other federal government benefits (e.g., annual leave, sick leave, holidays, life and health insurance, and retirement benefits) are applicable.  The position is subject to mandatory Electronic Funds Transfer (direct deposit) of net pay.  The successful applicant must submit to a criminal background check.

MISCELLANEOUS: The United States District Court is an Equal Opportunity Employer and has adopted an Employment Dispute Resolution Plan.  Additional EEO information is available from the Office of the Clerk of Court.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE:  Submit the following to  All documents should be in .pdf format.  1. 2. 3. 4. cover letter specifying how you satisfy the qualifications listed above and why you are interested in working for the federal courts; resume; three (3) professional references; and AO-78 Application for Judicial Branch Federal Employment:

All applications will be maintained in strict confidence with only the hiring authority having knowledge of the applicant’s identity.