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U.S. Supreme Court opinions: June 1 Thursday, June 1, 2023

The United States Supreme Court has issued three new opinions.

In Glacier Northwest, Inc. v. Teamsters the court held that the National Labor Relations Act did not preempt Glacier’s state tort claims related to the destruction of company property during a labor dispute where the Union failed to take reasonable precautions to avoid foreseeable and imminent danger to the property.
In Slack Technologies, LLC v. Pirani the court held that to state a claim under §11(a) of the Securities Act of 1933, a plaintiff must allege the purchase of “such security” issued pursuant to a materially misleading registration statement.
In United States ex rel. Schutte v. Supervalu Inc. the court held that the False Claims Act’s scienter element—which asks whether a defendant “knowingly” submitted a “false” claim to the Government, 31 U. S. C. §3729(a)—refers to a defendant’s knowledge and subjective beliefs—not to what an objectively reasonable person may have known or believed.