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Job Announcement - Assistant State’s Attorney Monday, September 20, 2021

DEPARTMENT/LOCATION: Cass County State's Attorney

CLOSING DATE: September 30, 2021

SALARY: $61,165 - $103,401 Dependent upon experience


Application Procedure: Submit a Cass County Government application to Cass County Personnel, 211 9th St. S., Fargo, ND
58103, or you may apply online at

1. Undergraduate Bachelor's Degree, Juris Doctor Degree from accredited law school.
2. Must be an active member in good standing in North Dakota bar.
3. Excellent verbal communication and interpersonal skills.
4. Demonstrable high-quality research and writing skills.
5. Quick analytical ability and the facility to accurately and precisely articulate critical issues in child welfare/child safety cases.
6. The ability to work in a supportive and professional manner with other attorneys, support staff, law enforcement, the public, and the courts.
7. Satisfactory performance in prior employment.
8. The ability to work effectively with computer programs utilized by the courts, law enforcement, and the State's Attorney's Office.

1. 2+ years of criminal or civil litigation experience.
2. Knowledge of child development.
3. Demonstrated ability to work productively with non-legal professionals.
4. Demonstrable knowledge of or experience with child welfare programs.
5. Experience working with law enforcement.
6. Appellate experience.
7. Child welfare law specialist certificate.

Support Cass County State's Attorney in fulfilling statutory duties and responsibilities imposed by law, focusing on providing legal advice and representation to the Director of the Cass County Human Service Zone and designees, primarily in the area of child protection. This includes advising the Director and designees as to legal duties; drafting legal documents; preparing legal opinions, pleading, motions, briefs and orders; and engaging in litigation on behalf of the Zone in the area of children protection. Establishing and maintaining working relationships with the judiciary, court employees, other attorneys, county officials and employees, law enforcement officers, and other professionals in the community. Duties may include other assignments as directed by the State's Attorney.