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County courthouses limiting access to the public Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Nov. 24: The Richland County courthouse doors are locked.  People must call the office they are wishing to do business with and the staff from that office comes, does a screening and lets them in.

Nov. 24: The Billings County courthouse is closed to the public except by appointment.

Nov. 24: The Traill County courthouse is locked to the public but people may call and be screened to come in.

Nov. 23: The Ransom County courthouse is now closed until further notice.   Services will be by appointment only.

Nov. 17: The Sargent County courthouse services will be available by appointment only as the commissioners decided to lock the doors to the public.  This order is in place until Dec. 14 or if decided to be extended at a later date.

Nov. 16: The Adams County courthouse in Hettinger is currently closed to the public. Entrance is by appointment only.   

Nov. 13: By order of the Dunn County Commission, all Dunn County buildings are closed to the public expect by appointment until the county is no longer in orange. 

Nov. 12: The Barnes County courthouse is open by appointment only but the clerk’s office will be closed until Monday, Nov. 16.

Nov. 12: The doors to the Kidder County courthouse have been closed to the public. The public can make an appointment by phone or email. Masks are recommended.

Nov. 10: Rolette County is now closed to the public.  The court system will continue to operate by appointment.

Nov. 10: The Wells County Courthouse is closed to the public effective immediately. They are asking the public to contact them via phone or email to set up an appointment.

Nov. 9: The Barnes County courthouse will be closing at noon on Nov. 9th. They will be seeing people by appointment only.

Nov. 9: The McHenry County commissioners passed a motion to restrict public access to the courthouse effective Monday, Nov. 9.  The doors will remain locked.  The public may call to assess the necessity of the visit.  The clerk's office has a drop box located at the elevator door.

Nov. 6: The Mercer County courthouse is closed to the public effective immediately.  Access will be by appointment only.

Oct. 28: The Pierce County courthouse is closed to the public. Appointments will need to be made over the phone for the public to be given access to the department they are seeking.  

Oct. 24: The Stark County courthouse was closed to the public until further notice. Services will still be provided by appointment, phone or email.

Oct. 15: The Oliver County courthouse was closed to the public due to COVID.  

Oct. 8: The Divide County courthouse has locked its doors and country staff will assist the public by telephone or appointment only until further notice.

Oct. 8: The Ramsey County Courthouse will be locking the doors again.  Admission will be by appointment only and everyone let into the building will be screened and required to wear a mask. Monday morning proceedings will continue to be by ZOOM.  Court staff will admit people in for certain hearings and will work closely with the judges to ensure everyone and every case is handled fairly and safely.

Oct. 7: Until further notice, Eddy County Offices are closed to the general public except by appointment due to the Coronarvius outbreak.  Office phone numbers and extension numbers are listed on both doors to the courthouse.  

Oct. 7: Access to the LaMoure County courthouse will be restricted.  Entry will be by appointment only and masks will be required.  

Oct. 5: The Logan County courthouse’s outside doors are locked. If anyone needs to get in they should call the office that they need and the person from that office will meet them at the door.

Oct. 2: The McIntosh County courthouse is closed again.  The public may call the office that they have business with and then they may come in with a mask on.

The Emmons County courthouse is on lock down again starting Sept. 17.  

Benson County went back to lock down effective Aug. 13 and requires all patrons wear masks.

The Nelson County courthouse closed to the public starting Aug. 7. The Commissioners have made an allowance to hold court if necessary and appointments will be made to come into the courthouse for business.

Starting Monday, Aug. 3, the Pembina County Courthouse and all administration buildings began locking the entrance doors to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Offices will remain open and business will be preferred to be done by phone or email. This was evaluated on July 30, 2020 by the Pembina County Board of Commissioner Chair and a decision was made to have limited access protocol to all county offices until further notice.

If you need to contact a Pembina County department, see the list below. Please call in advance to ensure the individual you are attempting to contact will be available.

Parcel and Mail deliveries can be made by contacting the department at the phone numbers below.

If you are unable to contact by phone, please leave the parcel outside the door as employees will monitor the area.


Department Contact

Phone Extension



Clerk of Court/Recorder


District Court


Domestic Violence


Emergency Management






Juvenile Services




NDSU Extension Service


Public Health


Sheriff’s Office


State’s Attorney


Tax Director


Veteran's Service


Victim Witness


Water Resource District




911 Communications