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Dakota Datebook: Suffrage amendment passes Friday, June 12, 2020

Prairie Public

The Federal Suffrage Amendment to the Constitution passed through the U.S. House and Senate on June 4th, 1919; and thereafter, suffragists rallied, cajoled, hoped and prayed that their united dream would triumph as the bill was sent out to the states to be approved by a three fourths majority.

The amendment was known colloquially as the Susan B. Anthony Amendment, as she had drafted it many years before.

By this date in 1919, Illinois had become the first state to ratify the amendment, passing 132 to 3 in the house, and unanimously in the Senate. The second state was Michigan. Their house and senate raced each other to pass the amendment—with the house winning by “requesting the chaplain to ‘make it snappy’ and by making the vote unanimous without roll call.”

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