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UND Law School hosts North Dakota Supreme Court Thursday, October 31, 2019

G.F. Herald

The North Dakota Supreme Court returned to the University of North Dakota Law School this week for its annual visit, giving students the opportunity to see the state’s highest court in action as it heard four arguments over the course of two days.

The state Supreme Court has been making the trip to Grand Forks to hear arguments for more than 30 years, said Rob Carolin, a UND Law School spokesperson.

“We’re the only law school in North Dakota. We are basically North Dakota’s law school,” Carolin said. “(The justices) have a strong tie to the law school because we are sort of the folks training the future generation of attorneys for North Dakota. And also, a lot of them went to school here. They have a personal kind of joy, as a former student, that they get to come back and make a difference.”

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