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A conversation with Justice Gerald W. VandeWalle Thursday, October 28, 2021

The Bar Examiner

In this issue’s “Seven Questions” column, we bring you an interview with Justice Gerald W. VandeWalle of the North Dakota Supreme Court. Justice VandeWalle has served on the Supreme Court since 1978. He was elected Chief Justice in January 1993 and served in that position until December 2019. He continues to serve as a Justice on the Court.

We asked him about his experience taking the bar exam in 1958, his thoughts on the Uniform Bar Examination (UBE), his views on a few different aspects of bar admissions, and his reflections on the NCBE Annual Bar Admissions Conferences he has attended over the years, particularly on the judicial roundtables that are held at each conference.

The interview was conducted on July 30, 2021, by Peg Corneille, former director of the Minnesota Board of Law Examiners and chair of NCBE’s Communications and Outreach Committee; Dan Saar, Director of Admissions for the Iowa Board of Law Examiners and member of NCBE’s Communications and Outreach Committee; and Claire Guback, NCBE Editorial Director and editor of the Bar Examiner.

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