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Administrative rule amendments take effect Sept. 1 Wednesday, August 31, 2022

N.D.Sup.Ct.Admin.R. 51 on sentencing offenders mortality table and N.D.Sup.Ct.Admin.R. 58 on vexatious litigation have been amended effective Sept. 1.

The amendments to Rule 51 update the applicable mortality table to be used by courts when determining the sentence of an offender subject to a term of life imprisonment with opportunity for parole.  Courts must now refer to the total all origins and races column of Table A of the United States Life Tables, which is included in the National Vital Statistics Reports, Volume 70, No. 19, p. 3 of March 20, 2022. The table is available at

The amendments to Rule 58 make the vexatious litigant procedure applicable to the attorney and judicial disciplinary process and to small claims court. In addition, the amendments clarify pre-filing order procedure, placing procedures for subsequent filings in its own section and creating a new section on sanctions and new litigation.