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Court revises pandemic emergency orders Thursday, April 1, 2021

The Supreme Court has decided to repeal or amend several emergency orders due to current COVID-19 conditions that indicate abatement of the pandemic.

Effective April 1, the Court has repealed Administrative Order 25, the order that declared a judicial emergency in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Guardianship reviews suspended under Order 25 must be completed within 120 days.

The Court amended Order 26 on emergency bail and plea procedure effective April 1 to allow continued use of written guilty plea agreements in class C felony cases.  The other substantive provisions of the order are repealed.

Order 27 on emergency suspension of eviction proceedings is repealed effective April 1.  It will continue to apply until May 15 to any eviction proceeding filed prior to April 5.

Several orders on emergency procedure in specific proceedings have been repealed effective July 1:  Order 28 on interim order proceedings, Order 29 on guardianship proceedings, Order 30 on permanency hearings, and Order 31 on traffic hearings.

Order 32, which extended continuing legal education reporting deadlines for attorneys reporting in 2020, is repealed effective April 1.