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Law library a resource for legislative history Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Looking for legislative history for a North Dakota bill or resolution? The North Dakota Supreme Court Law Library has access to legislative histories from the 67th Legislative Assembly Special Session (2021) back to the 36th Legislative Assembly (1959). We also have North Dakota’s codes in print from 1877 to the present, North Dakota’s Session Laws in print from 1862 to the present, and House and Senate Journals, or their equivalent, in print from 1862 to the present.

Visit the Law Library’s webpage and take a look at our North Dakota Legislative Research – Quick Guide. It’s a short guide with the basic steps for identifying the bill or resolution number.

Contact the Law Library at or (701) 328-4496. We can help with any of the legislative history research steps and provide you a copy of the available legislative history for a bill or resolution.