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New lawyers admitted to bar in Supreme Court ceremony Wednesday, April 27, 2022


Nineteen new lawyers were admitted to the North Dakota bar during a ceremony on April 26 in the Supreme Court's Ralph Erickstad courtroom.


Lawrence King of the State Board of Law Examiners spoke to the candidates about the many opportunities for service a career as a lawyer will provide. Bradley Beehler, also a member of the State Board of Law Examiners, then made a motion for admission of the new attorneys on behalf of the board. 


Justice Jerod Tufte led the new admittees in the Lawyer’s Pledge and later administered the Oath to the new lawyers.

Southeast Central Judicial District Judge Doug Bahr, President of the State Bar Association, encouraged the new admittees to to consider their reputations as they progress in their careers and to look to SBAND for help if they need it.

Admitted at the ceremony were Ryan Ames, Bailey Dumea, Gabriel Dumea, Allisha Dworshak, Meghan Estenson, Thomas George, Marisa Gunhouse, Trent Jackson, Morgan Jacobs, Farva Jafri, Devin Johnson, Kathryn Jund, Sean Kellogg, John Klein, Seth Kreft, Samantha Sherman, Grant Skoog, Kelsey Thorpe, and Macy White.