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Pro hac vice fee payment reminder Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Under Rule 3, Admission to Practice rules, if you continue to appear in 2021 in a North Dakota proceeding for which you have already filed a motion for pro hac vice admission, you are required to pay a fee of $380 by January 1, 2021, payable to the Board of Law Examiners.  Payment is accepted only by check or money order (no credit cards accepted).  When remitting payment, include a letter which provides the name of the proceeding in which you will be appearing in 2021.

Rule 3 currently requires a new motion and supporting affidavit to be filed for every separate proceeding in which you wish to appear; however, the fee is only annual.  If, after you pay the 2021 fee, you file a motion and supporting affidavit to appear in another proceeding in 2021, you need only file the documentation, but no additional fee is required.

Payment should be sent to:

State Board of Law Examiners

Judicial Wing, 1st Floor

600 E Boulevard Avenue

Bismarck, ND  58505-0530