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This year, all clerks at the North Dakota Supreme Court are UND Law grads Friday, November 8, 2019

UND Today

Katie Carpenter says she has the best job in the world.

Carpenter, a recent UND Law grad, is serving as a law clerk with the North Dakota Supreme Court.

In fact, all five law clerks – one for each justice – with the Court are UND Law alums. It’s a competitive position, and to have all clerks hail from one law school is somewhat unusual.

“I have never been disappointed in my law clerks,” said Gerald VandeWalle, chief justice of the North Dakota Supreme Court, who holds undergraduate and law degrees from UND and has served on the court since 1978 and as Chief Justice since 1993. “I have had 42 law clerks, most of them from UND, and they were all top-notch. They are bright, well-educated and ready and willing to work. Their ability and eagerness keep me energized. They will do well in any court, state or federal. We could not maintain an acceptable level of docket currency without our law clerks. With the heavy caseload, they are integral to the work of the court.”

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