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New opinions: March 2-3 Tuesday, March 3, 2020

The Supreme Court has issued two new opinions. The summaries are below.

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Northern States Power v. Mikkelson, et al. 2020 ND 54
Docket No.: 20190227
Filing Date: 3/3/2020
Author: Crothers, Daniel John

Highlight: The amount of damages caused by an eminent domain taking is an issue of fact to be decided by the trier of fact.

Schulke v. NDDOT 2020 ND 53
Docket No.: 20190328
Filing Date: 3/2/2020
Author: Jensen, Jon J.

Highlight: Section 39-20-14(1), N.D.C.C., establishes that drivers are deemed to have provided consent to submit to a screening test when the driver commits a traffic offense or is involved in an accident and, in conjunction with the traffic violation or accident, law enforcement formulates an opinion the driver’s body contains alcohol; It does not require the screening test to be conducted at the location of the stop.