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General FAQ:

What is NDCRI?

NDCRI is the North Dakota Courts Records Inquiry system.

Is NDCRI free of charge?

Yes. NDCRI is made available to the general public, free of charge.

What hours is this service available? 

The system is available 24 hours except during scheduled or emergency maintenance.

What kinds of cases are available on NDCRI?

Criminal, traffic, petty misdemeanor, civil, family, and probate case information.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the content of online case records? 

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for understanding the meaning of the case record information that you view through NDCRI and for the appropriate and lawful use of such information. If you have any questions regarding the meaning of case information on NDCRI, please contact the court clerk from the location of your case.

Who do I contact to report ERRORS in online case records? 

Please contact the court clerk from the location of your case.

Are case records on NDCRI considered the official court record? 

No. The information available on NDCRI is provided as a service and is not considered an official court record. The North Dakota Judicial Branch does not certify NDCRI records or search results and is not responsible for any errors or omissions in the data found on NDCRI.

Can I view all court case records on NDCRI? 

No. Case records and calendars are displayed for only those courts that are currently inputting data into NDCRI. The information available on NDCRI is limited to case search results, registers of action, civil judgments, and court calendars for publicly accessible court case records.

Are name searches reliable? 

No. Please use caution in evaluating NDCRI data, because the person for whom you have searched could have the same name, birth date, or other identifiers as another individual. Even if you believe your search has returned the correct match and the information appears to be about the person for whom you have searched, remember that:

  • two or more people can have the same name and birth date; and
  • criminal offenders frequently use aliases, including the names of others.

How often are case records updated on NDCRI?

Data is current thru the end of the previous day.