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Court Improvement Project Taskforce

The Court Improvement Project Taskforce became a charter of the Juvenile Policy Board on March 22, 2019.  The purpose of the Court Improvement Project Taskforce is to provide a forum to consider issues, review data, develop plans and promote system enhancements related to deprived and delinquent/unruly youth in order to improve outcomes for North Dakota children and families. The taskforce oversees a federal grant provided by the Administration of Children and Families Children’s Bureau.

Upcoming Meetings


  • Court Improvement Project Coordinator – Heather Traynor
  • Two trial court judges/referees - Hon. Pamela Nesvig, Hon. Jay Knudson
  • One Legal Counsel for Indigent Defense - Travis Finck
  • One State’s Attorney - Constance Cleveland
  • Title IV-B/IV-E agency Administrator - Director of Children and Family Services or designee - Cory Pedersen
  • Juvenile Court Coordinator – Cathy Ferderer
  • Director of ND Indian Affairs Commission or designee
  • One ND Department of Human Services Legal Advisory Unit Attorney – Jonathan Alm
  • One County Social Service Zone Director – Kim Jacobson
  • One Juvenile Court Director - Karen Kringlie
  • One DHS Behavioral Health Division Representative – Pam Sagness
  • One Division of Juvenile Services Representative – Tony Kozojed
  • One Department of Public Instruction Representative – Anne Linden

  • Heather Traynor

  • Heather Traynor 701-328-4287