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Supreme Court visit to Griggs County Schools - Oct. 24, 2023 Tuesday, October 31, 2023

The North Dakota Supreme Court recently held oral arguments on October 24th at Griggs County Central School District as part of the Taking the Court to Schools education outreach programs. Other invited schools included Finley and Midkota, as well as pre-service Social Studies teachers from the University of Jamestown.

The Supreme Court heard arguments in State v. Nelson. Kiara Kraus-Parr argues on behalf of Carolyn Nelson, the Appellant.

State's Attorney James Wang argued on behalf of the State of North Dakota, the Appellee in this matter. 


(Left to Right) Justices Douglas Bahr, Daniel Crothers, Jerod Tufte, and Lisa McEvers take questions and explain the processes of the Supreme Court in relation to the just-completed oral arguments.


Justice Douglas Bahr and Justice Lisa McEvers visit with students and answer questions about the court.


Jusitce Daniel Crothers and Justice Jerod Tufte address students about the role and purposes of the courts.