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Effective Date: 1/1/1998

Obsolete Date: 7/16/1998

A. Appointment. When the board refers a matter to a hearing body, other than the board en banc, the chair of the board shall appoint a hearing body to conduct the hearing, make findings, and recommend action to the board. A hearing body may consist of a three-member panel of two lawyers and one public member appointed from current or former board members, or may be a hearing officer designated from among sitting or retired state-court judges.

B. Powers and Duties. Each hearing body shall:

(1) Conduct hearings on matters referred by the board; and

(2) Submit findings and recommendations, together with the record of the hearing, to the board.

C. Abstention. A member of the hearing body shall refrain from taking part in any proceedings in which a judge, similarly situated, would be required to disqualify. 

Rule 2.2. was adopted on an emergency basis effective July 16, 1998; adopted, as further amended, on a final basis effective September 8, 1998; amended effective August 1, 2001; amended effective March 1, 2017.

Section A was amended effective March 1, 2017, to add a public member to the operations committee and provide the state court administrator votes as an ex-officio member only when necessary to break a tie.

Section E was amended effective March 1, 2017, to add operations committee responsibilities related to oversight of caseload management and performance evaluations of disciplinary counsel.

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