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Effective Date: 1/1/2001

7.1 Within 30 days after the filing of a Petition (Section 3) or a Request for Advisory Committee Study (Section 4), or a Certificate of Intention (Section 5), relating to a Procedural Rule or Administrative Rule and within 30 days after the adoption of each Procedural Rule and Administrative Rule, the Presiding Judge shall give notice of the hearing to the President of the Judicial District Bar Association or his designee, the Executive Director of the State Bar Association of North Dakota, the Judges of the judicial district, the chairman of the Advisory Committee described in Section 8, each Clerk of District Court in each judicial district and the Clerk of the Supreme Court. Additional notice may be ordered by the Presiding Judge as circumstances warrant.

7.2 The Clerk of the Supreme Court, upon receipt of notice pursuant to Section 7.1, shall refer the matter to the appropriate standing committee listed in Section 8, North Dakota Rules on Procedural Rules, Administrative Rules and Administrative Orders of the North Dakota Supreme Court.


The Rules Sub-Committee intends and recommends careful study and close consultation between presiding judges and the appropriate standing Committee listed in Section 8, North Dakota Rule on Procedural Rules, Administrative Rules, and Administrative Orders of the North Dakota Supreme Court, in the interests of the development of uniformity in the form and content of local court rules.

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