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Divorce with an agreement - No Children

You may only use these forms if your answer to all of the following statements is "yes"

1. The spouses are currently in communication with each other. _____ yes _____no

2. The spouses agree on all issues and there are no issues on which they disagree. _____ yes _____no

3. The spouses have no minor or dependent children nor will have children and are not expecting a child to be born of this marriage. _____ yes _____no

4. One of the parties to this action has lived in North Dakota for the last six months. _____ yes _____no

5. This is the only legal action pending between the spouses regarding this marriage. _____ yes _____no

If you answered "yes" to all of statements in 1-5 you may proceed.

If you answered "no" to any of the statements in 1-5 stop -- you may not use these forms.

If you prefer to handwrite the forms in black ink, you can print out all of the forms and instructions at once by clicking on the following links:


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